Must have Mac apps – Alfred for Productivity (video)

Out of the box, Alfred let's you Find and launch applications and files Search the web Search maps Organize your clipboard Perform calculations and dictionary lookups Browse contacts Run "Quick Look" Execute system commands Navigate the filesystem Control iTunes See and open recent documents Find and attach files to emails Integrate [...] Continue reading [...]

jQuery Snippet: Reusable way to toggle element

This is a simple one, but it's one that I find myself needing over and over, so why not write up a standardized way of doing it to save some time. <a href="" class="toggle" data-toggle-what=".element" data-toggle-type="fadeToggle">Toggle</a> (function(){ // toggle anything $(".toggle").on("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var [...] Continue reading [...]

An introduction to OSI and TCP/IP

About Networking Reference Models Networking is a complicated subject, and by splitting it into more manageable chunks (layers) via a reference model, understanding it becomes easier. This is why a reference model is important. Each part of a reference model aims to explain how one or more elements of the network function, and what role they play [...] Continue reading [...]

An introduction to Ethernet

In this introduction to Ethernet, I will explain what it is and how it has evolved over the years. Ethernet is a family of networking technologies for LANs (Local Area Networks). It was developed between 1973 and '74, commercially introduced in 1980 and standardized in '85 as IEEE 802.3 Ethernet originally used coaxial cables, which were later [...] Continue reading [...]

CSS Best Practices – A Style Guide to Human-Readable CSS

If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend picking up the book SMACSS by Jonathan SnookKeeping code clean is an essential part of any workflow, especially if working in teams. In this article I will share my preferred workflow for CSS. Note! These are the principles that make sense to me. You may find that your brain prefers a different workflow. CSS [...] Continue reading [...]

Xcode iOS simulator – How to install iPhone/iPad simulator

If you're a web designer, an iOS simulator for the iPhone and iPad is useful for testing purposes. It's very easy to install on OS X. Here's how. Step 1: Install Xcode from the app store   Step 2: Download the iOS simulator Launch Xcode and open Preferences. Go to "Downloads" click "Install" for whatever version of IOS you desire. Step [...] Continue reading [...]

Flexbox Tutorial 2013 (Updated 2013)

In a sentence, CSS3 Flexbox is a layout tool. The CSS Flexible Box Layout Module aims to make your job as a frontend developer easier, by providing a powerful way to create layouts. This article will delve into the basics, as explained in the official specification as per June, 2013 in its 18 September 2012 Candidate Recommendation. The problem [...] Continue reading [...]

Servers Explained: Software and Hardware

What is a server? A server is any computer (with any OS) that in some way serves clients. It doesn't matter if it has a server specific operating system. As long as it's running some sort of software that client machines take advantage of, it's a server. It can be something as simple as sharing a folder, which by definition, turns the computer [...] Continue reading [...]

How to: ExpressionEngine RSS template

This tutorial will teach you to make an ExpressionEngine RSS template. It's very simple. Step 1: Modify the RSS Template Code Adjust the code below to fit your needs. {preload_replace:master_channel_name="blog"} {exp:rss:feed channel="{master_channel_name}"} <rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:sy="" [...] Continue reading [...]